IMG_1098I have no longing for marijuana.  Cocaine interests me not.  Opioids have no charm.

Just give me caffeine.

Testimony: After fasting in preparation for an out-patient medical procedure earlier this week, I came home in the afternoon with a dull headache.  I blamed the groggy headache on the anesthesia’s after-effects.

Next morning when I awoke, the dull headache persisted.  Still, I attributed the ache to the anesthesia hangover.

After a  cup of coffee, though, I noticed the headache was relenting.  After a second cup, not only was the headache gone, but my body seemed to be soaring!

“Aha,” I realized.  The anesthesia hangover never was the headache culprit.  After the pre-procedure fasting, I  merely suffered from caffeine deprivation.

Now I have a fresh awareness of the importance of those two early morning cups of java.  Coffee’s not just good for the taste: It’s a boon to the soul!