In the Middle of Somewhere

Composed on the Cruise Ship Carnival Dream on the Gulf of Mexico
,July 2017

How careless to declare, “I’m in the Middle of Nowhere!”
I’ve never been to nowhere.
Nowhere does not exist.

Nowhere names creation without form, and void,
Before the Beginning.
Before Logos became light.

Out of that formless and meaningless void of nowhere,
Creator God spoke somewhere into glorious existence.
And somewhere became everywhere.

So here I am in the middle of this portion of God’s great somewhere,
Cruising through a dreamy sea
Whose rippling tide dances and prances and skirts away to the horizon,
To the seeming ends of earth,
Beneath blue heaven’s canopied expanse.

To be wonderfully lost
In the middle
Of God’s vast somewhere:
Such an estate to covet,
For God inhabits
The remotest sea
The highest mountain
The longest trail
The hardest trial
The loneliest valley
The most distant plain
The darkest night
Of each day’s somewhere.

Praise, glory, and honor to the Author of Somewhere!