Elements of the summer-time patio dwelling routine.

Alas! Today marks the last weekday morning patio party of summer 2017: Come Monday, I’ll return to the rhythm of the academic calendar with the start of my 38th school year working in colleges and schools.

I’ll miss my leisurely summer routine: coffee on the patio with the morning news, a morning jog, yard chores before the sun gets too hot, and afternoons hanging out with Sarah.  But the thought is more than pleasant  that I have options in this sunset phase of the career.  Thank God, I’m free of the administrative stresses of running the Continuing Education at LSUE, from which retirement relieved me two years ago; moreover, now that I’m 65, Medicare and Social Security-eligible, I can walk away into permanent retirement whenever the school work ceases to be fulfilling.

Meanwhile, no regrets.  Gotta love the calling!



Gotta love the calling!