IMG_1172Yep, that’s my new title for Marley the Dog: the “Master of Ease.”  Like most dogs, he’s  a marvel of laziness. In fact, out of the 24 hours in a day, he’s active for maybe three.

The rest of the hours, not to worry!

He does come alive at meal time.  He’s also a ferocious defender of the backyard turf, like when a four-wheeler or a cat passes through the alley, a neighbor walks a dog or strolls a baby on the street, or a squirrel invades the inner sanctum of the back yard.  He barks and fusses with fury in twenty or thirty second spurts.

But the problem with his watch dog service is that he’s hardly ever on duty.  He is terribly guilty, literally, of sleeping on the job.

Yes, the Master of Ease.  What a life!