Welcome Season of Open Windows Tuesday, Oct 24 2017 

Late October/November is a favored season along the Deep South Gulf Coast.  It’s the only time of year we can open our windows to the most seasonable conditions of the year with low humidity and moderate fall temperatures.  IMG_1227

Spring offers moderate temperatures, but we can’t tolerate the accompanying pollen that  coats every  surface (including the surfaces of our nasal passages!).

So for these several weeks every fall season, we fling our windows open wide to the advent of early fall’s crisp breezes, which supplant late summer’s oppressive heat and humidity.  The household air is fresh and fragrant, unlike any other season of the year. The season of open windows is nigh!

Patio Dwelling Saturday: Boudin Daze Saturday, Oct 21 2017 

Photo on 10-21-17 at 8.32 AMSaturdays in October: boudin, Game Day, patio dwelling.  It all goes (and tastes) better with family.  We treasure these “daze” in this empty nest phase of life.

Fall is Fallen Tuesday, Oct 17 2017 

Mid-October finally cooperated with the calendar.  Autumn has arrived on the Gulf Coast!

Last night’s upper forties low was a climatological first since last March/April.  Tonight is predicted as close to a repeat.

We are beyond ready for the seasonal change.  The season’s hurricanes were bad enough.  On to fall


The descent of darkness worries us little.  Our patio is lit!

Rewards of grandparenting: The simple joy of adults acting like children! Tuesday, Oct 10 2017 

Payton’s Honey (grandmother) turned 60 a few weeks ago.  You’d never guess it by this video.  How she carried on like a six year old with her nine-year old granddaughter  last weekend!

I believe that playing with grandkids absolutely contributes to longevity.   Laughter really is good medicine for the maturing soul.

Fall, fully fallen in the great back yard outdoors Wednesday, Oct 4 2017 

IMG_1207This is the second post in a row devoted to patio dwelling.  It seems fall is as perfect a season for outdoor living as spring (uh, maybe except for mosquitoes, whose number and voracity in fall surpasses their number and voracity in other seasons).

Anyway, we also look for going-out-of-season bargains in the fall, like this shiny new grill that came home to stay this past weekend.  Its sale price is about $50 cheaper now than it was in the spring sales when the marketers do their best to exploit the consumers’ burgeoning spring fever.  I’m grateful I wasn’t tempted to buy a new grill back in the spring when the thought did cross my mind.  This bargain was worth the wait.

We christened the grill last night with steaks and veggies.  I think it’s found a fine home