It’s snowing today all along the Gulf Coast.  The climatological norm for snowfall in these parts is once every seven years, and I believe that’s true: I could probably number the  snowfall events of my lifetime (excluding three years growing up in Colorado) on the fingers of my two hands.

As I reflected this morning on the cottony snow flakes drifing to the ground, I realized I love  two things about snow:
1. I love that we rarely have snow down south.   Snow is cold, it’s nasty when it melts, and we’re house-bound.
2. But, I love when it does snow because it’s so rare: soft, quiet, mellow—-and it hardly ever lasts longer than half a day or so and it’s gone.24862340_10214590762744170_2277411247685661860_n

Here’s a reflection I posted this morning on Facebook:
Rain falls harsh and loud;
snow falls soft and quiet.

For Christmas season
Soft is best.
Quiet is best.
Snow is best.

But that we could preserve this for Christmas Day.!