Let the record of this blog reflect that on this day, Rev. Billy Graham went home.  An icon of my youth—-and faith—-departed for glory.


An evangelist with the gift of prophecy and media savvy.

I admire Billy Graham for many reasons.  Like me, he was a democrat, but politics was not his bag.  Unlike the rabid politicism of the evangelical right that emerged later in my generation, Billy Graham soared above politics, including the politics of race, proclaiming the gospel’s simple message of truth and inclusion.

His character was above board, free from scandal.  The sordid misadventures of so many televangelists that emerged after Billy Graham did enormous damage to the Kingdom, but Billy Graham—-including his ministry team made up of men of character like Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea—-trod the straight and narrow.

The Protestant Billy Graham would laugh at any comparison between him and the office of the Catholic Pope, but I believe as an icon for Protestants, his leadership stature is on a par. For my generation, his voice was autoritative, compelling, and true.  He was truly a giant.

We’ve missed him from the public scene for at least a decade or so as his health  declined, so the main truth now is not that we miss him, for we have done that.   But this evening we  remember him.  We remember his as a legendary and a true prophet of God.

For my generation, he is the gold standard.