Ten years ago today, Marley the Dog moved into our back yard. His story composed those years ago is worth sharing on this, his tenth “rebirth” day.  The copy below was originally posted on July 6, 2008.


I first saw Marley the dog one late afternoon  last week following Ann as Ann did her daily jog in the neighorhood.   Ann commented later on this “cute little dog” that had followed her the whole time she ran.  I didn’t encourage the conversation any farther, because the last time Ann got attached to such a stray, the mutt became Sadie the Dog, who’s lived in our back yard now for three years.

To shorten the story, Marley (who was unnamed at this time) had been hanging out in the neighborhood for several days.  Various dog-loving neighbors were putting out food and water for him (Sarah and Ann did, also), and one of the neighbors even knocked on a few doors, advocating Marley’s cause for adoption to a good home.  No takers.  I resisted my own family’s petitions and appeals on Marley’s behalf, reasoning “We don’t need another dog.”


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