papaslittlegirlMy little girl is an all-grown up adult, 29 years old and happily married, ABD in a Ph.D program in kinesiology at the University of Northern Colorado.

But she’s still my little girl!

She blessed us this Labor Day weekend with a visit, partly for her Mom’s birthday.  We were blessed!

But when it came time to bring her to the airport to send her home yesterday afternoon, we endured the torture of watching her from a helpless distance endure the harsh realities of airport security.  Because her arm was disabled, cast in a sling from a dislocated shoulder a few days earlier, TSA  subjected her to the most intrusive security treatment imaginable under the circumstances.  Her Mom and I were beyond the security area but within eyewitness range, so we were privvy to every  demeaning moment of the pat-down.

Had she been healthy, she would have breezed through the scanner!  But because she couldn’t stand in the body scan machine and raise both arms over her head because of a legitimate injury, she was subjected to the cruel treatment of suspicion.

That’s what infurates me even now.  Why are the disadvantaged  subjected to the most harsh ordeal?

I have to bite my tongue and remember—-to convince myself—-that her treatment is in the interest of national security.

And I really wonder how that TSA guard would feel if she had to watch her own daughter with a dislocated shoulder endure the same ordeal.

I bet that guard would repent.  I sure hope she would.  Any parent who’s had a little girl would understand.

That’s because little girls never truly grow up in their Papa’s eyes.  Mine will always be Papa’s little girl.