IMG_4152In summer 2005, Zach brought home a baby puppy he found in a Port-o-let at one of the city recreational parks.  Ann begged, “Can we keep her?”

The answer: “Of course.”

She became Sadie the Dog, and lives here to this day.

In summer 2008, a pitiful boy dog followed Ann for about 6 miles on her jog and wound up at our house. . . Which soon became his house after he moved in on the holiday morning of July 4 that year.

He became Marley the Dog, and lives here to this day.

Over the ensuing years, Zach and Ann both wandered off to other pursuits, first to college and then on to marriage and careers out-of-state.

Where are the dogs they rescued?  Didn’t they take them with them?

Of course not.  They still live at our house, growing into canine senior citizens along with their growing-into-senior-citizens parents!

We’re gloriously stuck.

And in a measure blessed.  Chere little doggies!