“Maple Place Town Homes.”

Wow, Maple Place!  Sounds kinda ritzy, high class, like a swanky neighborhood on the south side of Lafayette or the Broadmoor district in Baton Rouge.

IMG_0308 (1)But Maple Place is named for its address on Maple Avenue, the east-west through-street on the south side of our humble small town.  And there’s nothing high class, much less elegant, along the entirety of Maple Avenue’s 2 or 3 mile stretch across town!

The apartments are brand new, just being leased, and it’s admittedly a handsome little apartment complex right across the avenue from the public walking trail.  Since the Maple Place driveway is right on the corner of the entrance to our sub-division, we will hopefully enjoy a bump in property values in our neighborhood.  Surely, living just two blocks from a  real estate asset with the fashionable name “Maple Place” must produce for our property a boost in status!