We woke in the pre-dawn this morning to booming thunder and crashing lightening.  A complex warm front had established a foothold along Interstate 10 across southwest Louisiana, promising a day-long event of training storms and even episodes of severe weather.


Rain dampens the back yard, but the patio’s dry!

In all the years of my career, leaving home on days like this was stressful.  I worried about Sarah and me traveling, I worried about the dogs, I worried about the house.

But no more.  One of the principal joys of retirement I’ve discovered since January last year is the peace that I can stay at home on bad weather days.  These days actually prompt a blissful laziness, since the normal routines of working out and doing outdoor chores are disrupted by the weather’s inclimency.

When I worked in education, I was at the mercy of the university or school administration to declare a rainy day closure.  Those days were altogether too rare.  But now, I call my own rain days!  My standards for shutting down are much less stringent.

So what to do but pour an extra cup of coffee, watch the extended  coverage of the rain event with the local TV mets, and in general laze out?

So let the rain fall!