We first visited our son’s in-laws’ family camp on the Intracoastal Waterway at Forked Island, waaaaaaaaay down south in South Louisiana, in 2014.  It’s become a traditional reunion with our expanded family that adopted us into their clan after the wedding.

The feast is traditionally Cajun: boiled crawfish, fried catfish, and a pot-luck buffet of country—-


Marley the Dog joined the family for the first time this year.  He had a doggie-blast!

Cajun casseroles, veggie dishes, and, of course, sweets.

More than the food, though, we enjoy the family gathering.  After the gourmandise, the grown-ups circle their lawn chairs on the lawn along the canal in the burgeoning spring outdoors and wax gregarious, sharing entertaining assortments of chit-chat, tall-tales, farcical contes, and good-natured ribbing.  Laughter abounds.

The relaxed experience is totally de-stressing, affording several hours of utter retreat from any distraction or vexation that may have been going on at home before the day.  It’s not the Garden of Eden, but for just this day of the year, the camp at Forked Island comes about as close as earthly possible.


On the left, our first visit in 2014; on the right, 2019.