Today was Payton and Marley day.  Those two have a rare and special relationship that


Marley and Payton both made friends at the dog park.

goes back 11 years: they’re the same age, so in a sense, they grew up together.  We have Marley/Payton photos all the way back to Payton’s earliest childhood—-this pair has a long history of spoiled rottenness!

We began today with a splash ‘n dash visit to the dog park in Lafayette where it was difficult to tell which was the more profuse: mud or mosquitoes.  It was hot, too!  Marley’s romping frolic with the doggy friends he met resulted in a muddy mess by the time we left, so we had to give a maintenance hose-down at the park exit to get him clean enough to drive home in the car.


Marley doesn’t believe that cleanliness is next to godliness: He prefers being ungodly in that respect, but he got his bath today anyway.

Honey and Payton finished the dog wash job after lunch with a full-fledged doggy bath, the first one Marley has had in probably five or so years.

The outdoor splash-and-dash theme persisted after the doggy bath as we set up the slip’n slide for Payton to play after the dog washing.  That poor old slip ‘n slide has lain unused on a shelf in the garage for almost 10 years.  I wanted to throw it away the last time we cleaned the garage, but Sarah talked me out of it.  Keeping it turned out to be a wise decision!