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This early May photo from Six Flags in Texas, showing the backs of the family walking away, is  symbolic, even iconic, of the pleasing emotions that wash over the memory of a season passing away.  We took this picture  when the warm weather season was bright and fresh upon us.  It was an outing to celebrate the end of the school year, watching our granddaughter’s cheer team compete,  as we also kicked off the vacation season.

We didn’t take any extended vacations as we did the past several years, but June-July-August 2019 will still be recalled as a mellow season worthy of recall.  Here’s a review of how we spent our summer escape.

  • We maintained our traditional weekly Laffy Daze trips, only rarely missing our customary trips to Rouse’s Market.
  • Marley the Dog’s life evolved happily (for him!) after Sadie the Dog’s passing.  We discovered the dog park in Lafayette, we learned we can trust him to be obedient off the leash in the front yard while we do outdoor chores, and best of all, he is becoming a world traveler, as he’s grown to enjoy auto travel.
  • We visited family in early July with an enjoyable shopping spree in Denham Springs followed by an overnight stay at the Southern Hotel in Covington.  That evening in Covington was unseasonably mild and pleasing, so we were able to enjoy sitting out on the romantic courtyard patio well into the evening!
  • We got to see Zach’s and Trisha’s new home construction site in early August.  The last time we visited the property last spring, the land was still raw, overgrown with brush and thick forest, totally un-developed.  It was exciting to see the land partially cleared; the home taking shape; and to walk through the unfinished hallways and rooms, gaining a sense of how the home will look and feel once it’s complete.
  • Payton’s week-long visit last week was our “stay-cation.”  We spent the nights at home while she was here, but each day was an adventure filled with coming and going, those daze well-chronicled in the posts from earlier this month.
  • All summer long, we enjoyed the leisurely ways of retired folk.  No alarm clocks, no rush to go anywhere or do anything in the mornings.  It’s not that our lives lack structure that we find liberating; rather, it’s that we are able to adapt or modify the structure of each day according to the wants and needs of that particular day!

So, on such a note we declare summer 2019 to be one more season in the annals of our lives.  The memories are not glamorous—-no Caribbean or Western Mediterranean cruises like 2017 and 2018, for example—-but the memories are rich, as are we.